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Functional Foot Orthoses (Insoles)

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Podiatrists treat a wide range of conditions with the use of orthoses (insoles). We use a wide range of orthoses. The type of orthotic prescribed, will depend on the nature and degree of the problem; from a simple wedged insole to a custom made casted device. See the AJF Laboratories website for a detailed description of the technique for casting a foot, and the fabrication of a functional orthotic. This is the laboratory we use for all our functional foot orthoses.

Below is a list of some common conditions that we treat:

Trochanteric bursitis Ilio tibial band friction syndrome - common in runners
Patello-femoral maltracking - anterior knee pain Arthritis of the knee
Medial tibial stress syndrome - shin splints Exercise induced leg pain
Recurrent calf strain Achilles tendonopathy
Posterior tibial dysfunction and tendonopathy Peroneal tendonopathy
Plantar Fasciitis - pain in the heel Arch pain
Mid foot arthritis Metatarsalgia- pain in the ball of the foot
Painful big toe joints Osgood Schlatters - a childhood condition
Severs disease - heel pain in the growing child
Photo of pronated feet Photo of feet with orthotics
Left foot more pronated than the right.
This is common where there is a leg length difference
Functional foot orthoses give a much
improved foot position

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